Daily Plays for Fantasy Baseball 5/7

Lots of games on the docket tonight.  I am going to post my favorite plays tonight by position.


Matt Harvey- Duh only the best pitcher on the board tonight and the White Sox can strike out occasionally.

Ryan Dempster- Dempster is having a career year in K rate right now and he gets to face the Twins tonight.  If he can get past Morneau he should do just fine.

Eric Stultz- At Petco against Miami.  No need to say more.  Has a K rate that is up this year.  He is good cheap play.

Lance Lynn- Lynn is having a great year.  He gets to face the strikeout prone Cubs tonight.


Allen Craig-  Craig is starting to heat up and he loves to hit against Lefties.  Travis Wood is on the menu tonight and Craig will feast.

Billy Butler- Look out for the rain tonight but if they do play Butler is a must as he is 5 for 6 lifetime against Chen.  With an OPS of over 3000.

Justin Morneau- Morneau has great numbers Vs. Dempster.  I do not know if I truly believe them though.  History rarely lies get him in your line up.


Ryan Raburn-  Raburn has been hot lately and he loves to hit lefties.  Tonight he gets Tommy Milone away from the spacious home he normally pitches in.  Raburn is cheap feel free to use him.

Jed Gyorko- Jed is starting to catch up to the hype he has been hot lately.  He is still very cheap on most sites.  Tonight he gets to face Alex Sanabia.  That is a good match up for Gyorko.

Jayson Nix- Here is another cheap play.  Nix is near the bottom of the barrel on every site.  He typically bats second against lefties and he is Colorado tonight.  This is my biggest value play of the day.


Starlin Castro- Castro is way undervalued on most sites.  This guy is a top 10 shortstop but is priced like a top 20 one.  He does face Lance Lynn tonight but in his career he is 5 for 13 against him.

J.J. Hardy-  Hardy always has a chance to hit one out.  Tonight he gets to face Ervin Santana who he is 3 for 10 with 2 home runs against.  I like those odds.

Azdrubel Cabrera-  Coming off a 2 home run last night Cabrera is hot.  Tonight he gets to face Tommy Milone and he is 2 for 6 liftime against.  Hot hitter with good splits, Play him.

Ryan Roberts- another lefty killer on my list “Wierd”.  Roberts loves lefties especially when they are terrible.  Tonight he faces up against J.A Happ.  Play him.


David Freese- Freese is another lefty Killer and he get Travis Wood tonight.  The wind  is blowing in but only at 10 MPH.

Evan Longoria-  Longo hit a slam last night and Faces off with J.A. Happ tonight.  I am calling 2 nights in a row for Longo.

Pablo Sandoval-  Sandoval faces off with Kyle Kendrick tonight.  Career numbers are 2 for 4 with a bomb.  Need I say more.


Russel Martin- Martin has been stroking the ball lately and tonight he faces off with on of his favorite pitchers Aaron Haraang.  He is 6 for 13 career against him.

John Jaso- Is this the next coming of Jason Kendall?  Jaso batted lead off last night and rarely do you get a catcher that has that run scoring potential.  Did I also mention 2 for 4 in his career Vs. Zach Mccallister.

Carlos Corporan- This guy may be the biggest lefty killer of them all.  Tonight he faces C.J. Wilson who he is 3 for 9 career against.  I smell a big fly.

J.P. Arencibia- Why would the Jays trade their top tier catching prospect?  Maybe cause they saw this coming Arencibia is a power house and tonight he gets Ramon Hernandez (Fausto Carmona).  He is 2 for 3 career against him and he is on fire right now.


Matt Holiday- 6 for 18 with 2 bombs.  Those are Holliday’s numbers vs. Travis Wood.  Get him in.

Carlos Gonzalez- One of the best hitters in baseball that is 6 for 15 off his foe tonight.  If you can afford him play him.

Garrett Jones- He might qualify at different positions depending on what site you use but he is a great value play tonight.  6 for 10 with a home run off of Aaron Haraang.

Chris Carter- All that he does is hit lefties.  Carter is a great play tonight against C.J. Wilson.  Tonight Carter will be “head and shoulders” above Wilson.

Josh Hamilton-  ICE COLD.  Not often will I write those words next to a player I am recommending but I cannot lie.  Hamilton has to find it sooner or later and tonight he has a good match up to do it.  He should be on the cheap and well just trust me get him in your line up.

If you have any questions about daily or want advice just hit me up on Twitter @Travis_Groth


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